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Internet Forum – Everything You Need To Know About :

Dear Friend’s, Namaste & Swagat hai ( Hello & Welcome ) To – Ocean Of Info, A Forum to Ask Discuss & Learn. is product in development by folks @, it is a website dedicated to info and data. if you grew up in the 90’s then may know  it was very difficult discover quality content. the usage of forums was very high during those days as a medium to be connected and seek answers on various topics today also they are here and its relevance is still there. it’s a very good platform to get discovered to learn to get connected with people. is for positive and constructive discussion and showcasing content from all across. as our website is connected with various other portals, our reach and content is certainly going to grow more.

when we started yahoo was the only web directory to discover something new and over time things changed google took over the entire search market, with monopoly in android , it’s having deep roots, but nevertheless its charismatic what they have done with data , their tools, though limited in capabilities and as such reach without the mail or say they have android=id ?? what say ??? can be a important carrier of thoughts, of the positive one’s though, here one of our co founder who is also a coauthor in this writeup, may come up with his thoughts on various topics, like the thakti kaand in kolkatta, the two thakti shown in jnu, shaeenbhag, now this so called non itr / freebies gang people protesting as growers ??? 


What Is a Forum & purpose of a forum :

originating from bulletin boards, forums have evolved a long way down, A place for open Discussion on various and numerous topics vested to a wide range of audience, is somewhere a place be like things can get heated up quite instantly more likely when a contronvicial topics arrives,

important forum Terms  : 

  • User groups
  • Moderators
  • Administrators
  • Post
  • Thread 
  • Discussion
internet forum

Internet Forum -Everything You Need To Know About!!

What is an internet forum?

Well, it is an online messaging board that allows people to send, receive and reply to a message on some specific point of discussion. It is quite similar to anyone from across the globe who can give his/her opinion on a specific topic.

The Internet is an excellent location to find new information. Internet forums are among the most common places for people to talk, ask questions, and provide answers. Web forums are the original sites for “social media,” started in the eighties. Internet forums are community websites dedicated to on-line information sharing on virtually any subject you may imagine.

They are also known as discussion boards, discussion forums, and messages board. It offers a venue to discuss and debate various topics with similar interests.

Origin of Internet Forum

internet forum
Ask Discuss and learn

Internet forums came into operation in the late 1990s. Internet forums were an evolved product of bulletin board system BBS and Usenet. The first application software specially designed for the forum protocol was WIT, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which came about in 1994.

The fan writing community embraced this new digital age and began to find space on the internet to post, share, comment, and collaborate on their writing. Internet forums such as and Archive of Our Own (AO3) allowed users to browse by topics to discover fanfiction in their desired area.

While these sites allowed for engagement and interaction through likes and comments, other forums encouraged collaborative writing. Websites such as preboards allowed users to create their own site around a particular topic. Since then, several internet forum software packages like Stormfront, Newgrounds, MyBB, Something awful, phpBB, and others.

As you might have guessed, internet forums proved to be a great hit and had immensely pleased users all across the globe. It targeted a worldwide user base in a very specialized way, which at that time was pretty impressive. You can find forums on the net related to any topic from hardware tools to antiviruses, from bikes to open-world games, name it, and you have it.

Cool for people back then, right? Since then, online forums have come a long way. In the present world, there are several forums available with millions of users worldwide, and this brings us to our next interesting part, which is…

How Do Internet Forums Work?

internet forum

A user creates a post in a standard Internet forum. The post can be accessed at any time by other users. Questions, viewpoints, photos, videos, links, or more can be included in the post. Users can reply to the post, in which another user can participate in the dialogue, also known as a thread. You can start a new topic by creating a post about another topic. The internet forums of this web can be anonymous, or they can require registration, to make what’s called a message board.

A comment from a registered member typically has more effect than an anonymous user. While registration is free in most Internet forums, a valid email address is required. By registering in an internet forum, you can create a username and password, and you can add a small picture (called an avatar) to be displayed next to your comments and posts. You must also agree to follow certain rules laid down by the forum administrators, and each internet forum may be different.

How Is It Useful?

internet forum

Since the dawn of internet forums, it has had a tremendous effect on online society. It has provided users with a platform where anyone can express themselves. Despite the universality of social media, companies are always looking for new and more advanced ways to engage their target audiences.  Social channels are preoccupied with chatters, making it more difficult for the brands to make themselves heard among the crowd. 

So, what can companies do to achieve profit and growth in the business when distractions are everywhere? To overcome this, brands prefer forums over social sites. An online forum also helps the companies to form a key part of their communication plan. Improving collaboration between their employees is the top priority. What is a better place to do this than a forum? People can contribute their ideas and knowledge straightforwardly without any interference from third-party software.

Forums are also used in online learning and classrooms, helping build a solid student-teacher, a student-student relationship where they get an equal opportunity to interact. Forums also help to create an engaging experience for every user. Students in an online environment enjoy equality in sharing thoughts and ideas, including the backbenchers.

It provides an opportunity for college students to do part-time jobs during the day and cover up their studies at night from their own place. Those who spend a lot of time traveling due to work can also study in their spare time. 

Websites like Amazon, eBay, TripAdvisor, fandom, and others add an internet forum to their website for people to discuss the product, services, or organization and even help each other. It reduces customer support requests, is great for search engine optimization, and, most importantly, creates a sense of community.

Relevance In Modern Age

internet forum

Since social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are dominating the world of digital marketing. People believe that forums are dying social platform. However, this is not the truth. Sites like Reddit, Quora, and Stack overflow are just as relevant today as they were during their initial launch and maybe even more so. Countless forums can be found on the web with millions of active daily users.  With more and more topics popping up every day, it is impossible to deny such forums’ relevance in the present day.

 Unlike social platforms like Facebook, where memes limit discussion on a particular topic, irrelevant videos, and celebrity gossip in the feeds, forums in contrast to this allow for more open discussion, allowing the users to discuss the relevant topic like intellectuals and without being judged by any friends or followers.  Thus, it provides a ‘safe space’ to its users, making forums so special and unique in their own way. It’s due to these strong points that forums have got their own separate fan base. The users also add some texts that might be difficult to recognize by the non-users, which brings us to our next topic…

Following A Proper Netiquette

internet forum

It is a list of polite discussions that participants in the online forum expect from one another. Netiquette is a postmastership, meaning “Internet etiquette.” Netiquette is enforced by the forum administrator or moderators, who can approve/remove members and modify/delete posts. Basic netiquette includes the following 10 rules:

  • Read the rules of the forum before posting for the first time.
  • When you comment, stay on the subject or start a new thread.
  • Don’t just use the Internet platform for advertising your own company or goods.
  • Be respectful of others, please.
  • Use good spelling and grammar; avoid slang and profanity.
  • Report harassment to the administrator or moderator, and do not respond to offensive remarks.
  • Do not share identifying details that can be used to impersonate or threaten you or your loved ones.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS in an article since it is perceived as yelling.
  • Do not use a shared thread to engage in a private discussion.
  • Do not launch a new article on a topic that has already been dealt with.
  • Do not use a shared thread to engage in a private discussion.
  • Do not launch a new article on a topic that has already been dealt with.

Slangs Used In Internet Forums

internet forum

Internet forums have definitely changed the way we talk. Every generation of internet users has their own way of expressing their emotions while talking online. The form of internet slang was evolved out of a need to type a few words while conveying the same message, and also, these acronyms expressed an action indicative of emotion—E.g. “OMG” for Oh My God and “ROFL” for Rolling On the Floor Laughing. 

Some of the common internet slangs which are still in trend among the users are:

  • The most common and the classic LOL-Laugh out Loud
  • Brb – be right back
  • Btw – By the way
  • Lmk- Let me know
  • G2g- Got to go.

I’m sure almost all of you would be well aware of these slangs.


Forums are just like any other social website, but the equality which it provides to its every single user makes it distinct and has its user base. Thus, making it an excellent platform to share information, knowledge, and doubt solving.

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