How employee engagement helps drive customer experience?

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    Himani MH
    A more engaged staff is the key to providing a better customer experience (CX). According to a study, when you have highly engaged people backing your organisation, you will surpass the competition by roughly 150 per cent. Furthermore, you should expect a 10% increase in customer satisfaction measures.

    If you want to reap the benefits of a great employee experience (EX) while also enjoying the benefits of a great customer experience—such as enhanced loyalty, higher customer lifetime value, and so on—treating your staff well is a key first step.

    1. Go beyond numbers and rankings

    The poor level of employee engagement isn’t always the result of a lack of effort on the side of employers. You may already be proactive in providing tools and assistance to your employees in order to reduce burnout and increase engagement.

    You’re probably utilising tools like surveys and performance evaluations to identify issues that need to be addressed in your workplace. Unfortunately, traditional research approaches frequently fail. Instead, experts advise exchanging this numbers game for genuine, two-way talks on a regular basis.

    2. Engage regularly with your employees

    The open discussion we’re talking about isn’t going to work if you only chat to an employee for an hour once a year. If you’re like most businesses, you’re not engaging with your staff on a regular basis.

    If you rely on yearly evaluations, you’re missing out on 364 days of connecting possibilities. According to SHRM, one Deloitte performance leader witnessed a 10% increase in employee engagement thanks to a new approach to employee engagement “based on the premise that performance is ongoing, not reliant on cyclical milestones.”

    3. Treat your employees well

    Of course, simply listening to your staff isn’t enough. It is also important how you treat them. Once you’ve determined how you want your employees to be treated, implement adjustments that will make a difference and have a direct influence on employee engagement.

    A smooth end-to-end brand experience is difficult if your team lacks a customer-centric mentality and the tools to keep consumers pleased.

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