How can I get the QR based Travel Pass of Mumbai Locals?

Forums Travelholics How can I get the QR based Travel Pass of Mumbai Locals?

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    Himani MH
    Have you ever heard about the QR Based Travel Pass?

    Local trains and other local rail services in Mumbai are now inaccessible to the general public. Only people employed by the government, as well as those in the essential and emergency services, are authorised to utilise the city’s local rail services.

    The Maharashtra government has devised a uniform method to combat the issuance and use of counterfeit train/metro tickets and passes. The state administration recently announced the introduction of a ‘universal travel pass,’ which would have a QR Based Travel Pass in order to keep track of travellers who use phoney cards.

    Process To Apply For QR Based Travel Pass In Mumbai Locals

    Here are the processes to apply for a travel pass for those who are qualified to travel in local trains during the current restrictions:

    1. A call to action for the ‘Universal QR Based Travel Pass‘ may be found on the state website of Disaster Management and Relief Fund Rehabilitation, or just click on this link: Passport to the World
    2. Click on ‘Register your Establishment’ and fill in all of the relevant information that appears on the screen.
    3. After you have completed all of the prerequisites and submitted the form, your application will be individually examined by the authorities.
    4. Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to connect to the platform and provide the necessary information.
    5. When you submit all of the facts, such as your name, ID, phone number, and so on, and the information is registered, you will receive an SMS on the registered mobile number.
    6. You may then use this registered mobile phone to log in.
    7. Upload the photo and get the travel pass.
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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