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    Intro About Venture9.in

    Namaste and Hello there friends, Venture9.in is a Tech Company and We Would like to Share the journey of Our Company so far, Part of AGR Enterprise Group, which is Curated by legendary Shree V.K Agrawal and Led by M.V.K Agrawal.

    both Mr. VK Agrawal and M.V.K Agrawal are born and brought up in Varanasi and currently based from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, in North part of India. Varanasi is age old Heritage City and Seat of Religion Whereas Gorakhpur is a Upcoming Metropolis with a lot of being done for the region by our honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi Ji and our Chief Minister Shree Yogi Aditya Nath Ji.

    M.V.K Agrawal is dedicated to family life and work. Besides this he is a disciple of Shree Shree Ravi Shankar Ji and is a part of Art of Living Program. a Iscon Devotee and also a avid Explorer, Tech enthusiast, Food Critic and professional Poker Player.

    AGR is Involved in Manufacturing & Trading of Various Industrial, Consumer & Medical Products & Services, Through Venture9.in (a brainchild of M.V.K Agrawal) AGR Made its Foray into Tech Segment, Although today Venture9.in is a tech blog & Main Tech Company has been Re Branded as Techobay.com

    Venture9.in was started in form of a Mere Facebook page in 2014 and We Started Experimenting with Social Media Platforms, as we realized that it is very important to Businesses to have Presence on Social Media Platforms and a Proper Setup on Different Social Media Platforms was Very Important, in the beginning we helped a lot of local businesses, establish their online identity free of cost. We Have a dedication for women empowerment and so we have Curated a brand called Sochoco.in which is Managed by a all Women team & is led by our beloved G Garg and Sochoco.in Brand is Dedicated to Homemakers.

    in 2019 the website of venture9 was turned into a dedicated tech blog, today we upload regular content on the blog, latest stories from the tech world, content on WordPress, gadget reviews & more can be found on our blog. besides tech blogging venture9 is into website creation and we have developed a number of websites for ourselves and clients. recently we also started with Video Vlogging and hope soon we will come with some interesting content for viewers across various social media platforms.

    Various Blogs By Venture9.in

    We Call Venture9.in a Blog of Blogs as we feature & run a number of Blogs based on Different Niches, Prominent one’s are :


    News Analysis, Regional stories & information, a blog in Hindi and English, Covering current affairs, Bollywood, travel, culture & religion & more. Nation Comes first for Globalreport.in Guest Posts are welcome on globalreport.in


    Shopping with savings – Coupons deals discounts and more. Mayzone.in is also a dedicated shopping blog covering latest product launches, unique products, must have and more.


    Dedicated to education and Career, Latest Career Guidance. Jobs from Government And Private Sectors which are updated on daily basis. Candidates can register for free where as Employers can pay a small fee and post their requirements with Bharatjobguru.com


    Breathing blog is dedicated to better lifestyle, healthy body & mind, interesting content for tough situation, lifestyle issues and more.


    Travelholics.in is a collection of travel stories, upcoming destinations, season special, must see, must eat, must visit kind of content dedicated to hardcore travelers. One can get his story, content published with us.

    Various Other Services By Venture9.in

    Venture9.in is also developing a market place where trading of apps and websites, project showcase and seed funding, services can be marketed and collaboration leads will also be found.

    Besides this as we strongly believe in collaboration for growth and so we are coming up with indiablognetworks.com and indiainfolinks.com with Indiablognetworks.com digital content creators get one more platform to showcase their work and on indiainfolinks.com your business or brand will be shared showcased across the community.

    Venture9.in was started with the vision of digital asset creation and we are working on various verticals and niches, soon we are coming up some quality apps in the gaming utility and services segment.

    Venture9.in aspires soon to open a tech campus in the north part of India or in Bangalore (Cyber Capital of India) with ample job opportunity and contributing to the Growth Story of India

    Wrapping Up the Story of Venture9.in

    With various Projects under its portfolio, till now venture9.in is a completely Bootstrapped Company and longs to be the same in the near coming future. we have various job openings in the tech segment and details of the same can be found from our website. seed funding & mentorship program is also done from time to time and the details of same can also be found with our website.

    we are into lot of things but we are never busy and are always available to hear your next big idea and work on it. We are Available for Quality Web Site Design work, graphics work, content creation, social media profile creation and promotion and promotion on our own network of website blogs & apps. For More Information please contact through mail @ Venture9.in@gmail.com

    Hope you find our Journey so far, Interesting & Engaging, Your Feed back is very Valuable for us, please Follow, Subscribe, like comment & share on various social media platforms & thank you for support and appreciation, do keep in touch. ones again thanks for going through our story.

    venture9.in facebook page

    venture9.in quora space

    web life facebook group by venture9.in

    visit the venture9.in tech blog for more interesting content here


    Travel Fascinates Us, Isn’t it … We long to travel once in a while or is it that if we have ample resources then we would be travelling forever and never end up at same place again ? whatever we would like to do it changes our perspective about many things. friends travelholics.biz is dedicated to travel and to be precise responsible travel. we mention responsible in opening para only because if we do not take responsibility of our actions then ??

    today we witnessing what ever we have done till now and hence its time to be responsible.

    we acknowledge that you have contribute in the local economy where we visit, we completely discourage hitchhiking, budget travelling, backpacking etc.

    Travelling is for the responsible. please gather enough resources & experience to get worthy for the travel, its all ready getting too crowded everywhere.

    travelholics.biz offers premium and luxury  ( escapes) deals offers from all across for the worthy. elite travel services and content.

    a lot of premium content related to travelling like the best five star hotels, resorts, properties theme parks, cities from all across the world.




    <a href=”https://www.globalreport.in”>GlobalReport.in</a>- Be Part Of It. – Nazar Har Khabar Par|
    Global news – India News – UP News – Purvanchal News – Gorakhpur News |

    Our nation comes first for us, dedicated to preserving restoring – legacy & heritage & building up a better tomorrow.
    News Analysis in Hindi & English, Editorials on topics that matter, informative & educative write up’s, guests posts from featured writers, tech news, finance & business news, Bollywood news & Much More. |

    <a href=”https://www.globalreport.in”>GlobalReport.In</a&gt; is a initiative by <a href=”https://www.venture9.in”>Venture9.In</a&gt;|

    A team of bloggers & writers. We brings latest global & local news, articles, views & opinions on all topics.

    We Believe in ” Vocal For Local ” & We Promote Make In India – Made In India & Made For The World.

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