Are Silhouette Shades worth investing?

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    Himani MH
    Windows provide a single function. From an utilitarian standpoint, it brings light into a space while also providing a view of the outside world. Windows, on the other hand, need a supporting cast to seem appealing. A large light was carefully positioned. A piece of furniture that alters the atmosphere. Bric-a-brac offers a unique touch. But what is the one constant? Window treatments that are both attractive and trendy.

    Window Shades That Make Light Dance

    Everything in a space is affected by light, including your own attitude. However, light is very strong, and it must be managed in order to produce the desired mood.

    Silhouette Shades has been an industry pioneer in capturing natural light and spreading it precisely as you want it for over 25 years. The use of specifically made materials guarantees that harsh sunlight is transformed into beautiful ambient light.

    Silhouette Shades’ distinctive horizontal, S-shaped vanes seem to hover between two sheer panels, wonderfully distributing light while also giving UV protection. A white rear sheer obscures the view inside your house throughout the day, offering seclusion even while the vanes are open. With no wires or tapes, the layers provide unhindered views of the world outside while retaining the desired private refuge.

    If you need room darkening capabilities in addition to the light-diffusing features of Silhouette Shades, the Duolite system includes an independently controlled blackout roller blind tucked beneath. There is no better way to have total control over your home’s lighting and privacy.

    Protective Screening

    Don’t be fooled into believing Silhouette Shades just have a decorative function. The sheers protect your furniture and floors from the detrimental effects of UV radiation in addition to filtering out the harsh glare of sunshine.

    These window blinds have the ability to rapidly decrease heat entering the room by up to 25%. With the vanes completely closed, you may enjoy almost entire UV radiation protection, preventing fading of your furniture and carpeting.

    Control Light With A Light Touch

    Beautiful and attractive window coverings are useless if the area surrounding the blinds is cluttered with tapes, ropes, and other gear. Easy-to-use and elegant operating systems contribute to the whole system’s clean style and lines. There are three operating systems available:

    1. PowerView Automation

    You don’t have to picture a future where window curtains automatically adjust themselves. That’s the beauty of a system that won the Red Dot Design Award in 2018, the world’s most prestigious design award.

    Your window blinds will move just when you plan them to, regardless of the time of day or night, using PowerView Automation. By following a few easy procedures, you can program different parameters. These can be controlled from home using the Pebble Remote Control, through voice activation when coupled with a smart-home system, or via the Powerview App if you are away from home.

    2. UltraGlide

    This revolutionary operating mechanism uses either a retractable cord or a soft-touch, ergonomic wand to raise and lower your shades while keeping the chord length constant. You get a clean, attractive look since there are no hanging cables to detract from the appearance of your window coverings.

    3. EasyRise

    This operating mechanism is made up of a continuous loop that allows you to raise or lower your window blinds simply by tugging on the rope. Pulling it one way raises the blinds while pulling it the other way lowers them. This method is ideal for large-scale window coverings.

    Silhouette Shades are a fantastic method to create a relaxing ambiance in your house for those who like natural light. These horizontal window blinds’ soft, moving fabric vanes allow you to create a variety of moods.

    The brightest sunshine can be softly diffused by simply adjusting the vanes to suit, producing a soothing glow that pervades the whole room while filtering out the worst of the sun’s glare and the UV rays that accompany it.

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