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    Himani MH
    Not long ago, computers at work were basic and rigid. People strolled into their offices, pressed the power button on their desktop, drummed their fingers on the desk while waiting for it to boot up, and then went about their business with apps, files, and web browsers as needed.

    What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

    Around 15 years ago, Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) technology came to the rescue. It is now a component of the wider End-User Computing (EUC) ecosystem, with a centralized OS housed, run, and controlled in an on-premises data center or co-location.

    After logging in with their computing device, users have streamed virtualized computing environments, including a set of resources and access credentials determined by the users’ role, which are frequently supplied from a virtualized data center.

    How Does VDI Work?

    Individual users receive virtual desktops using a software platform known as a connection broker, which determines which user connects to which virtual machine (VM) in the data center.

    The Future of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Given that the COVID-19 epidemic has triggered the world’s largest work-from-home experiment, practically every firm, large or small, is utilizing a hybrid cloud infrastructure in some capacity.

    The future of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, like the future of the cloud, is hybrid, and multiple deployment methods will continue to exist to meet different use cases. For security and compliance reasons, some clients will need to stay on-premises in a private data center, and conventional VDI will continue to be the option for them.

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