Top 6 Countries Welcoming Unvaccinated Travellers

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    Himani MH
    COVID has altered our travel habits, and while many nations now only let vaccinated tourists pass their borders, a few remain open to unvaccinated travellers. Of course, these countries have their own set of restrictions.

    If you wish to learn more, here is a list of nations that admit unvaccinated travellers. Before planning any overseas travel, we recommend that you examine the guidelines of your target country on a frequent basis.

    1. Greece

    Anyone planning a trip to Greece must complete the Passenger Locator Form no later than the day before departure. According to rumours, the form would include extensive information on the travellers’ departure location as well as the length of past visits in other countries.

    2. Portugal

    Visitors who are unvaccinated are welcome in Portugal as long as they can demonstrate that they are not infected with the virus when they enter the country.

    3. Turkey

    While getting vaccinated is one method to visit Turkey, unvaccinated travellers can also enter the country if certain conditions are followed. Travellers must be able to demonstrate documentation of a negative PCR test done 72 hours before their arrival or a fast antigen test within 48 hours of their arrival.

    4. Mexico

    Mexico is also welcoming to all types of visitors. According to reports, there is no necessity for travellers to present a negative PCR test or undergo quarantine upon arrival.

    5. Maldives

    On arrival in the Maldives, all tourists will be required to submit a negative PCR test. The test and negative PCR certificate must have been issued within 96 hours before departure.

    6. Costa Rica

    Unvaccinated visitors can enter Costa Rica as well, although local rules will be tighter for them. Unvaccinated visitors will not be needed to submit a COVID-19 test to enter Costa Rica, unlike in most other nations.

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