Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

    Himani MH
    Let’s speak about your smartphone battery life and health, which is perhaps one of the most overlooked yet critical components of any gadget.

    People frequently complain about their new smartphone battery life performance degrading after only a few months of ownership. A significant portion of this is determined by how you use your smartphone and your charging habits.

    Ways To Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

    1. Never charge your smartphone until it reaches 0%. Instead, connect your phone to a charger as soon as the battery dips below 20%, rather than waiting for it to reach 0%.
    2. For better smartphone battery life, it is recommended that you do not charge your phone completely. When your phone reaches 90% charge, you can stop charging it. This can keep your smartphone from overcharging, resulting in longer battery life.
    3. In addition to overcharging your phone, it is never a good idea to let it charge throughout the night. Most phones charge completely within 90 minutes, therefore charging it overnight is seldom recommended.
    4. Gadgets now recommend utilising a conventional 5W adaptor for charging most of the time, rather than rapid charging when it isn’t necessary. It suggests that utilising a regular charger may take longer to charge your phone but will be beneficial in the long term.
    5. Smartphones are equipped with a ‘power saving’ option. It must be turned on at all times, not only when the phone’s battery is going low. This technique aids in the health of the battery.
    6. Another critical action you can take is to switch off your WiFi and Bluetooth whenever they are not in use. This will significantly extend the life of your battery.
    7. Avoid charging other devices with the wireless reverse charging capability, such as earphones. It should only be used when absolutely necessary. Using this function has a progressive influence on your phone’s battery life.
    8. It has always been recommended that you do not charge your smartphone using random charging adapters and cords. This is not just a good battery-life technique but also a good approach to data security.
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