How Teenagers Should Deal With a Negative Body Image?

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    Himani MH
    Our body image is how we view and perceive ourselves in terms of our physical appearance. We all wish we could change some elements of ourselves. It might be because of the shape, features, size, and weight of our bodies.

    Certain teens are subjected to body shaming at school or by their families, which can alter their connection with their bodies. Teens are typically impacted by their classmates and family members, and they tend to embrace their perspectives on what makes a healthy body image.

    Here are a few things parents may do to assist their teenagers who may be battling with a poor body image:

    1. Encourage Open Honest Communication

    Teenagers frequently believe that their parents do not understand them. They believe that their parents are always lecturing them. Then there’s the sense of a generational divide.

    It is critical that parents maintain a neutral stance and allow teens to vent and express their opinions. Encourage your adolescent to have open communication with you.

    2. Encourage Self Love To Deal with Body Image Issues

    Self-acceptance leads to self-love. Teenagers must be accepted by their parents as they are. They should be encouraged to be happy in their own skin.

    Use words of encouragement and remind them of your unconditional love for them. A teen with a poor self-image requires the support of his or her parents.

    3. Don’t focus on looking a certain way

    It is critical that parents walk the walk and do not place unrealistic expectations on their adolescents. Some teens like shopping for branded or specific styles of clothing, and it may be difficult for parents to keep their children from doing so.

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