Best Hashtags for Instagram

    Himani MH
    While the world of social media is getting increasingly difficult for companies to manage, hashtags for Instagram remain a tried and tested method of drawing attention to your company. Today, the world of social media may feel overwhelming and difficult to manage for those who do not devote all of their time to it.

    How do Hashtags work on Instagram?

    Hashtags for Instagram are used in Instagram captions to categorize posts depending on their content. Hashtags can be written at any point in your caption, although they appear best towards the conclusion for reading and aesthetic reasons.

    Special characters are not permitted in hashtags for Instagram. It’s worth noting that if someone has a private profile rather than a public one, their postings will not appear in other people’s searches.

    Food Hashtags and Travel Hashtags

    Popular food hashtags include #foodie, #instafood, and #foodpics. Popular travel hashtags include #travelgram, #travelphotography, and #traveldiary.

    Popular Hashtags

    Other popular hashtags you might use are those that connect to certain events on a daily and annual basis. #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayTip, and #FeatureFriday are some examples of everyday hashtags.

    Niche Hashtags

    Outside of Instagram, you know who your target audience is—what specialty communities do they belong to? Your hashtag campaign should also target Instagram’s specific groups. #glutenfreefood is an example of a specialty food hashtag. #solotravel is an example of a specialized travel hashtag.

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