80/20 Rule: Boost Productivity

    Himani MH
    Do you ever feel as though you’ve worked all day yet have nothing to show for it? Do you have an unbalanced workflow? The 80/20 rule might therefore assist you in finding your flow.

    80/20 Rule

    According to the 80/20 rule, 80 per cent of your output is normally derived from just 20% of your input. As a result, if you can locate and identify which 20% of your process contributes to the majority of your output, you can optimise your workflow to become more productive.

    Benefits of the 80/20 Rule

    The 80/20 prediction model may be used in a variety of corporate situations to highlight the critical success aspects. The key advantage of doing so is that firms can then determine where the majority of their production originates from and focus resources on those areas to enhance efficiency and productivity.

    How to Use the 80/20 Rule?

    If you want to adopt the 80/20 rule to boost your productivity, you need to start by monitoring your daily activities. Keep note of how much time you spend on each activity and, if feasible, emphasise which jobs result in the bulk of your production.

    Using staff time-tracking management software or applications, such as DeskTime, Hours Time Tracking, or Toggle, is a simple method to keep track of your daily workload. There are many time-tracking applications available, and which one is best for you depends depend on your budget and how comprehensive you want your data to be.

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