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    If one of us responded, “It’s not a worrying scenario,” we’d both be lying. That the concept hasn’t occurred to us, or that it hasn’t occurred to us numerous times today. Are we on the verge of nuclear war?

    The simplest way for me to address that question is to discuss a documentary I saw a few years ago and again lately. But that wasn’t just an average one. It was created by the BBC and placed you into a war game – a simulation. When I say war-game, I mean how our political and military leaders run “games” to see how circumstances ignite — and evolve.

    This documentary was unique in that it did something that had never been done before or after. It entered such a wargame. Of the Third World War.

    It’s from 2016, but it’s scary and unsettling since it turns out to be shockingly true even in 2022.

    I strongly advise you to seek it out and watch it. Here’s how the BBC puts it — I’m quoting because I want you to realize that this isn’t some kind of speculative film, but rather a documentary about a realistic war-game about World War III, the only one I’m aware of that exists in the public domain.

    “The War Room is confronted with a prospect that has tormented Western strategists since the Ukraine crisis began: probable Russian military intervention in Latvia and Estonia.” These nations, like Ukraine, have significant Russian-speaking populations, but unlike Ukraine, they are members of NATO, whose founding treaty specifies that an assault on one ally constitutes an attack on all. As a result, western strategists often simulate a scenario in which Russia aims to exploit ethnic tensions in the Baltic and put the NATO Alliance to the test.

    “Normally, these ‘war games’ are held in secret. We videotaped a huge war simulation with some of Britain’s most senior military, political, and diplomatic officials for the first time. Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Sir Richard Shirreff; First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West; Joint Intelligence Committee Chair, Baroness Neville-Jones; British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Christopher Meyer; and British Ambassador to Moscow, Sir Tony Brenton are among those in the War Room, and the group represents a wide range of perspectives on how we should view President Putin’s Russia.

    “The war game was recorded in a single session over many hours, utilizing concealed cameras in a purpose-built set at a secure area in Central London.” The scenarios were created after months of research, including discussions with active military, diplomatic, and political specialists from throughout the world. The video portrays the growing drama and intensity of an emerging battle, as well as the intense argument, as the War Room chooses what steps Britain should take – all the way up to Armageddon.”

    This documentary was so divisive at the time that many people believed it should never have been created. It’s terrifying to see, especially now.

    What occurs in the World War III wargame shown in this film? It all starts like this.

    Russia launches a false flag operation against a neighboring country, Latvia. Latvian rebels — ethnic Russians – seek Russian protection. Russia quickly sends in guns under the cover of “humanitarian assistance.” Separatists seize control of a city that serves as the regional capital and proclaim a referendum. This country is quickly engulfed by conflict.

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