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    Himani MH
    There’s a reason that women spend so much money on nail polish. But what about our feet? Those of us who work at a desk all day can benefit from having pretty toes, but there’s not really an easy way to keep them well-groomed when you don’t have access to a salon.¬†

    Enter the foot spa. Foot spas are designed to help soften feet while they soak in tubs of hot water. And whether you have dry, cracked heels or callused soles, these products and accessories can help your feet look and feel beautiful. Here are some of the most popular products for taking care of feet at home.

    1. Shoe trees

    Even if you wear open-toed shoes, it’s important to keep your heels from overuse and abuse. Shoe trees can help with this by holding up your shoes so that they don’t wear out the base of the shoe. There are various styles of shoe trees including ones that are wooden, plastic, and even cordless. Look for ones that are adjustable to help with the variety of shoe shapes and sizes.

    2. Pumice stone

    Moisturizing your feet can be hard when you have dry skin. But that’s where a pumice stone comes in. These types of stones are designed to help exfoliate the top layer of skin on your feet, revealing the softer underneath layers. Unlike callus shavers, pumice stones are designed to be used on your feet and not just on your heels.

    3. Nail files

    If you have particularly thick or coarse nails, a nail file might be the answer to keeping them under control. These tools come in various shapes and sizes, depending on how aggressive you’d like them to be. Some nail files even come with a side brush to help you keep your nails perfectly polished.

    4. Callus shaver

    Callus shavers are designed to help you remove the dead skin from your heels, which can result in painful scrapes if you don’t use one. These types of razors are manually operated, unlike electric callus removers. The benefit of using a callus shaver is that you can control how close it gets to your skin, so you don’t get cut or scrape yourself.

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