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    Travel Fascinates Us, Isn’t it … We long to travel once in a while or is it that if we have ample resources then we would be travelling forever and never end up at same place again ? whatever we would like to do it changes our perspective about many things. friends is dedicated to travel and to be precise responsible travel. we mention responsible in opening para only because if we do not take responsibility of our actions then ??

    today we witnessing what ever we have done till now and hence its time to be responsible.

    we acknowledge that you have contribute in the local economy where we visit, we completely discourage hitchhiking, budget travelling, backpacking etc.

    Travelling is for the responsible. please gather enough resources & experience to get worthy for the travel, its all ready getting too crowded everywhere. offers premium and luxury  ( escapes) deals offers from all across for the worthy. elite travel services and content.

    a lot of premium content related to travelling like the best five star hotels, resorts, properties theme parks, cities from all across the world.




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